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Reptiles - Full Episode

Series: Bill Nye The Science Guy

Join Bill Nye for adventure, thrills, and scaly encounters that would make Indiana Jones squeamish when he explores reptiles. Witness reptilian epicurean delights when a snake eats a mouse, and ponder the possible link between dinosaurs, reptiles, and birds. Bill Nye mentions that reptiles’ blood, unlike human blood, varies according to the temperature of their surroundings, which explains why snakes and lizards bask in the sun. Bill Nye inserts his trademark humor into this scientific discussion to create a fun learning atmosphere. The music video is Cold Blooded, a parody of Foreigner's Hot Blooded.

© 1994, Disney Educational Productions

Closed Captioned  Grade Level(s): 5 - 9
Media Type: Video
Subject: Science | Zoology | Reptiles