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Supermarkets: Aisles of Persuasion - Full Program

A supermarket is a large, self-service store that sells food and household goods. It is designed to maximize sales. Flyers and ads get you in the store. The longer you're in a store, the more you'll spend. Sensually appealing products sell more. Shoppers aren't as savvy as they think. Stores use layout, cross-merchandising, sales, loss leaders, and product placement encourage more sales. Producers pay for good (eye-level) slots and facings. Shopping cards let supermarkets track your purchases. To limit spending, make a list organized by store layout, only get a cart if you need one, shop during less busy times, eat before shopping, look at products that aren't at eye level, and know your prices.

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Closed Captioned  Grade Level(s): 5 - 12
Media Type: Video
Subject: Health Education | Nutrition