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The Skinny on Solid Fats - Full Program

Fat helps with brain development, strengthens cell membranes, protects DNA, and helps with vitamin absorption. But it is important to eat the right kind. Saturated and trans fat (the solid fats) are bad for you. Unsaturated, or liquid, fat is good. Cholesterol builds brain cells, supports the immune system, and produces hormones. Too much LDL cholesterol can lead to high blood pressure, a heart attack, or a stroke. HDL cholesterol carries out excess LDL cholesterol, contributing to health. Trans fats turn HDL cholesterol into LDL. Steps for reducing solid fat intake include: eating nutrient-dense foods; replacing or reducing solid fats; eliminating trans fats; and reading nutrition labels.

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Closed Captioned  Grade Level(s): 5 - 12
Media Type: Video
Subject: Health Education | Nutrition