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Peer Pressure and Choosing to Drink: Think About It - Full Program

Series: Think About It: Choosing to Drink and Drive

David and Julie are excited but nervous about a party hosted by “the cool kids.” Sharing his thought process with viewers, David explains why he decides to drink at the party and then to drive Julie home. Two possible outcomes are shown. Afterward, a doctor explains how the adolescent brain manages emotions and decision-making in a social context, how boys and girls express this differently, and how strong relationships and good role models can influence good decision-making in teens. Please preview prior to using this video as it contains subject matter which may not be appropriate for all audiences.

© 2011, Films Media Group (FMG)

Closed Captioned  Grade Level(s): 9 - 12
Media Type: Video
Subject: Guidance and Counseling | Peer Pressure